The Sage Project

Sage Project, is a platform where design and technology come together to create the food labels we’ve always wanted — smart, simple, and personalized. Transparency: Food data should be openly available, reliable and actionable. Simplicity: Visual cues make complex data easy to digest and accessible to all. Personalization: We pinpoint info that matters most to you and your individual […]

Estream: A portable water power generator fits into backpack

Bring your own power plant : Estream converts any type of moving water into stored energy to charge every usb-connected mobile devices. Estream is a portable water-power generator that converts any type of moving water, such as that from a river or stream, into stored energy to charge most of today’s usb-connected mobile devices, even while […]

NatureZap DE Cordless

Kill Weeds in Pavers, Sidewalks, Gardens and Yards without Smelly Chemicals Battery Operated Alternative to Propane Weeder Grab, Point, Done Convenience Safe for People, Places, and Pets All-In-One Price – No Additional Purchase Required Price on Amazon View Customer Reviews

A-jang’s Home~Art of campsite 阿將的家~藝術營地

Owners’ of Ah Jiang are Taiwan indigenous people, who from young followed their parents in farming. Every grass and plant are carefully planted by themselves. Every stone and foundation laid by the owners. 一草一木用心栽植‧一柱一石親手搭建 阿將 是鄒族人自小隨著父母耕種 每到一處 父親生起火之後才開始一天的工作 阿將爸 告訴阿將雖然我們生活很辛苦 但 要忍耐才能像這爐火 一樣 越燒越旺 生生不息 Ah Jiang and his wife are both descendants of the Zou tribe, […]

Why Composting Helps Save the Planet

Worm composting differs slightly from traditional compost. Red worms, specifically red wigglers. They break down the nutrients and reproduce more rapidly than night time crawlers. And, if you are arranging to keep your worm compost bin indoors, red worms manage the warmer temperatures significantly greater too. Some items should never be placed in a worm bin. […]

Grow a indoor garden

*Featured on Channel News Asia’s Saving Gaia and many major publications for its efficiency and unique concept, Botanicaire has finally been made available to the public! Click here for the video. Designed specifically for homes and offices, Botanicaire is an air purifier that focuses on environmental remediation. Using a special cocktail of special bacteria known as […]

Luster Leaf Rapitest Soil Test Kit

It’s vital to know the existing pH, Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P) and Potash (K) levels in garden soil. The rapitest Soil Test Kit continues to be the standard for home soil testing. The kit includes all components needed to for (40) tests: (10) each for pH, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash. The patented color comparator system […]

Grow you a salad every day

Organic indoor gardening just got easier, more stylish, and insanely more high tech. The Grove Ecosystem promises to change the way Americans think about growing their own food with a sleek-looking bookshelf-sized unit that connects to your mobile device. An idea born and initially developed at MIT, it is the world’s first intelligent, in-home garden that uses aquaponics to […]