Portable treehouses

For truly unique camping accommodations, Tentsile’s ‘portable treehouses’ enable you to sleep in comfort up among the trees.

Whether you’re a treehugger, a tree-climber, or just an outdoors enthusiast with a penchant for doing things a bit differently, these tree tents are sure to raise some eyebrows while also raising your bivouac above the ground.


Originally conceived as “treehouses that you can take anywhere,” Tentsile’s “tree tents” are an easy-to-deploy camping shelter that are far and above the coolest way to spend the night in the woods. These suspended tents are like conventional hammock tents on steroids, and if you’ve ever spent the night in one of those, you know that while they may be a convenient and lightweight option for sleeping among the trees, they’re not exactly built for comfort.


As well as insect mesh and rain fly to keep both bugs and moisture off of you while enjoying a night in the great outdoors. All you need to supply is the location with plenty of trees to choose from, plus a little bit of adventurousness, and your days of hanging from the forest are on their way.

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