A-jang’s Home~Art of campsite 阿將的家~藝術營地

Owners’ of Ah Jiang are Taiwan indigenous people, who from young followed their parents in farming. Every grass and plant are carefully planted by themselves. Every stone and foundation laid by the owners. 一草一木用心栽植‧一柱一石親手搭建 阿將 是鄒族人自小隨著父母耕種 每到一處 父親生起火之後才開始一天的工作 阿將爸 告訴阿將雖然我們生活很辛苦 但 要忍耐才能像這爐火 一樣 越燒越旺 生生不息 Ah Jiang and his wife are both descendants of the Zou tribe, […]

Nantou Budawater南投.拂水山莊

Budawater in Nautou Taiwan provides grass camping, lesiure resting, outdoor tea, flower decoration, zen, calligraphy and activities related to Pine tree. Camping area has over 200 pine trees over 43 years. 26年前的發想,希望造出松的真、善、美理想大庭園 約6000坪、松齡已達41年以上、能展現植物生態、樹藝美學、山水合一 能提供繁忙大眾,享受大自然生態,使心靈清閒、小團體樹中遊、享受下午茶 修剪松樹,剪下的松葉,做出養身的產品 大草皮區可提供戶外休閒,野外茶藝、插花、禪修、彈琴、打拳、寫生、露營 同時室內展示松文化,詩詞書法、水墨山水的作品及修剪松樹和移植松樹的生態圖片展示 提供DIY,松酵素實作、插花、生態導覽等活動, 用26年的光陰打造出理想的希望庭園.   松下露營 位於南投縣魚池鄉古山道旁,提供6000坪的私人莊園,在200棵松齡43歲的老松下露營,清溪蜿蜒流過,白鷺鷥隨著潺潺水聲飛舞,在松下吸著芬多精,使人達到放鬆身、心、靈的地方。 500坪的私人寬敞草坪可供露營,在41年的老松林下享受「餐風露宿」的快意野趣閒情, 能夠和家人或朋友在松下欣賞松的美,體驗真的大自然和松的文化內涵! source:拂水山莊

Portable treehouses

For truly unique camping accommodations, Tentsile’s ‘portable treehouses’ enable you to sleep in comfort up among the trees. Whether you’re a treehugger, a tree-climber, or just an outdoors enthusiast with a penchant for doing things a bit differently, these tree tents are sure to raise some eyebrows while also raising your bivouac above the ground. […]