Grow you a salad every day

Organic indoor gardening just got easier, more stylish, and insanely more high tech. The Grove Ecosystem promises to change the way Americans think about growing their own food with a sleek-looking bookshelf-sized unit that connects to your mobile device. An idea born and initially developed at MIT, it is the world’s first intelligent, in-home garden that uses aquaponics to […]

Couple creates wildlife sanctuary in India by letting barren farmland return to nature

The husband and wife have spent 25 years buying up wasteland farmers no longer wanted; now elephants, tigers and leopards roam free there. Sometimes it takes a village, sometimes it just takes a person or two, as in the case of Anil and Pamela Malhotra who together are creating what is likely India’s first private […]

11 Foods That Would Disappear Without Pollinators

We all know honey comes from bees. But have you ever connected other foods you eat with the fact that they only exist because they’re pollinated by bees and other creatures? It’s an important connection to make, considering just how threatened bees, butterflies, birds, beetles and other important pollinators are. The threats come from pollution, climate change, habitat […]

Normally we don’t like this plant in our yard, we call this is “weed”.

It’s been said that weeds are just plants whose virtues have not yet been discovered, but if you’re tired of waiting to find out what those virtues are, you might want to use one of these homemade herbicides instead of the chemical versions. Many common weeds can be either food, medicine, or unwanted visitors to […]