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Stools and rags maded from eco-friendly organic cotton

nudie-recycled-jeans.jpg.650x0_q70_crop-smart[1]Nudie Jeans recycles worn-out denim into cool home goods

They’ve made a limited run of rag rugs and foldable stools, both inspired by camping. The foldable stools can be used for travel or in small homes. The stool’s seat is woven from the inseams and outseams of jeans, and mounted on a steel frame. A rep from Nudie said the steel isn’t made with recycled material, but it is certified non-toxic.

The rag rugs, called tansmatta in Swedish, are made from shredded pieces of denim. These two projects recycle 90 percent of a pair of jeans. Back pockets, rivets, buttons, and waistbands were not recycled as part of these projects, but will be kept for future recycling.




Worn_8.jpg.650x0_q70_crop-smart[1]This is repurposing at its best, when old or damaged jeans are turned into the coolest pair of sunglasses you’ll ever own.Mosevic sunglasses are made from denim – not just coated with it for funky texture, but actually made from layers of carefully cut denim in the company’s workshop in Cornwall, United Kingdom. Sourced from unwanted jeans, pieces of fabric are pressed into molds with a special synthetic resin to create a tough composite material, which Moesvic calls Solid Denim. Once hard, the frames are cut by computer-controlled machinery, then stonewashed for texture and appearance.



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