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A special cardboard house made to last. No foundations required.

Since Wikkelhouse is a modular concept the price is based on the configuration of segments needed.

How much does a Wikkelhouse cost?

You can purchase an airframe Wikkelhouse from EUR 25.000,- (based on 3 segments and excluding transport and placement).

Can I cook a good meal in my Wikkelhouse? Take a shower? Go to the bathroom?

Yes, yes and yes. Simply add a smart ‘Home’-segment to your Wikkelhouse design. This segment holds all domestic installations and offers you a kitchen, shower and bathroom

What is the size of a Wikkelhouse?

You can make your Wikkelhouse as big as you want, but one segment is 5 m2 (length: 4,5 meters / width: 1,2 meters / height: 3,5 meters).

Is Wikkelhouse available worldwide?

Unfortunately not yet. We deliver Wikkelhouse in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France, UK and Denmark.


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