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Build your own wood-fired pizza oven

Anyone can build a backyard oven, according to these easy-to-follow directions, and soon your oven will be the hottest attraction in town.

Wood-fired pizza is a real treat, but instead of waiting in line at your favorite local pizza joint every time a craving hits, imagine being able to prepare it at home. You can do so by building a pizza oven in your backyard, which is not as complicated as it sounds. The following infographic provides step-by-step instructions that are meant to be suitable for anyone without specialized construction skills. It’s a lengthy process, but worth the effort.

With a wood-fired pizza oven in your backyard, you’ll be able to bake more than just pizza. The oven will holds heat for long periods of time, so the day after you fire it up for pizza, you can still bake fresh bread or roast vegetables and meats. A backyard oven is an excellent tool for self-sufficiency if the power source goes out in your house. Happy building!