Myhab Disposable Habitats Are Pre-made, Recyclable Concert Tents

18s0es9y0bk2ejpg[1]Designer James Dunlop hopes his myhab disposable habitats will help curb the huge number of tents left behind at crowded functions, such as music festivals. At a glance, myhab might look like a glorified cardboard box, but check this out: Your very own myhab with room for two will be erected as well as dismantled for you, and contains a cushioned pad to sleep on, a locker secured by a PIN, lighting and the option to personalize your myhab with your name. The myhab hasn’t hit the campgrounds yet, but the company hopes for 2008 to be its big release year.

┬áMyhab Limited is based in London, and was formed when its founders saw a business opportunity in the increasing number of ditched tents after popular events, such as a the Glastonbury Festivals. Back in 2005, organizers reported 10,000 abandoned tents. In 2007, that figure jumped by half again to 15,000. While booking a myhab through the company individually looks like it will be an option, we think it’ll be more common for events to sponsor the service if the eco-friendly alternative catches up. Seems a hell of a lot better than the discarded mess of plastic poles, mesh, muddy tarp, construction paper, Popsicle sticks and other materials drugged-out festival-goers cobble their temporary homes together with these days.

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