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Grow a indoor garden

Designed specifically for homes and offices, Botanicaire is an air purifier that focuses on environmental remediation.

Using a special cocktail of special bacteria known as the Nuvoc microbesTM, Botanicaire can effectively remove 99% of indoor air contaminants within an hour. Apart from removing the common contaminants such as dust and odour, Botanicaire can also target toxic gases known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs.)

Volatile Organic Compounds are around us in any indoor environment. This is because these toxic gases are released from man-made items such as furniture, electronic items, cosmetics, aerosol sprays or paint. These gases include formaldehyde, toluene, benzene, carbon monoxide and many more.  They may seem harmless initially but after prolonged exposure to them, mild effects include headaches, nausea and flu. Long term exposure to Volatile Organic Compounds may even lead to leukemia, damage to the central nervous system and kidney failure. It is also one of the leading causes for Sick Building Syndrome.

At In Vitro, a new technology known as the Nuvoc microbesTM was founded. A unique mix of 12 different strains of microbes has an astounding ability to breakdown contaminants in our air space into harmless particles. Using this Nuvoc microbes, the Botanicaire was created as the world’s first revolutionary air purifier that uses nature’s very own power.

Equipped with the Nuvoc microbesTM and specialised plants that absorb toxic gases for their nutrients, activated carbon and multiple filters, Botanicaire can easily remove dirt, dust, odour and Volatile Organic Compounds from our airspace. Through multiple testings by the research team at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) of Singapore, Botanicaire has a powerful efficacy of removing 99% of contaminants from our airspace in just an hour’s time.

If you’re looking for top grade indoor air quality to improve the health of your loved ones, look no further. Enjoy the benefits of fresh air with Botanicaire today!

source:In Vitro Pte Ltd