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Drumi is a sustainable way to do laundry, no electricity required.

Discover a new way to do laundry with the Drumi. Using only a small amount of water, the Drumi is a sustainable solution that challenges the modern day laundry experience. 

The Drumi requires small amounts of water and no electricity, and can reduce your carbon footprint by approximately 10 pounds per week.

The Drumi cuts down on your laundry budget by reducing trips to laundry facilities, and also reduces electricity and water bills.

Store It Anywhere. Its materials allow you to store the Drumi in a wet or dry area. It’s small and easy to put away, or can be left out and used as a laundry hamper. Reduce your trips to the laundromat. The Drumi is a quick alternative to doing a full-size load of laundry for those quick, on the go items.

Bring It With You, comfortable handles allow for easy mobility. The Drumi’s compact design creates an easy alternative to hand washing on the go.

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