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A-jang’s Home~Art of campsite 阿將的家~藝術營地

Owners’ of Ah Jiang are Taiwan indigenous people, who from young followed their parents in farming. Every grass and plant are carefully planted by themselves. Every stone and foundation laid by the owners.

阿將 是鄒族人自小隨著父母耕種
每到一處 父親生起火之後才開始一天的工作
阿將爸 告訴阿將雖然我們生活很辛苦
但 要忍耐才能像這爐火 一樣
越燒越旺 生生不息

Ah Jiang and his wife are both descendants of the Zou tribe, and the tribe are passionate about art. Every part of the site will delight you with different surprises, giving an experience unlike any other camping trips.

阿將渾身是鄒族人的細胞血液,有鄒族人對藝術獨特的眼光,在這個家園發揮的淋漓盡致。 在這裡,您會感受到阿將一家人的生活藝術,品味將嫂自己烘焙的在地咖啡,這裡的每一個角落都會給你不同的驚喜, 阿將一家人在這個不算深山的高山等待您的到來,與您分享我們的生活~請您細心品味 讓您的露營不再只是露營

Campsite Features:

  • Individual camping area
  • Individual handcrafted stone washing basin
  • Personal Electric outlet supply
  • Hand craft stone bath
  • Coffee House
  • Pricing: NT$1200 -NT$1800

營地特色 :

  • 專屬獨立空間
  • 獨立手工巨石洗手台
  • 獨立插座
  • 手工打造巨石衛浴
  • 23咖啡館-幸福的咖啡館

場地價格 :

NT $1200-1800

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