Ecocult News 2020-11-20

Fashion: Higg Says Natural Fibers Are Worse for the Environment than Synthetics. Is That True? By: Alden Wicker on 16 November 2020, 5:31 pm When PETA released its footage of what they deemed alpaca abuse at a large farm in Peru, the advocacy organization included in its statement that alpaca is rated as “the second … Read more

Earth911 News 2020-11-20

Inspire: Which Approach to Minimalism Is Right for You? By: Jenna Cyprus on 20 November 2020, 10:05 am Minimalism, reducing one’s consumption to the essentials, is one way to reduce your resources consumption and limit your consumer spending. By reducing what you buy, what you consume, and what you ultimately throw away, you’ll waste fewer … Read more

Mr Trash Wheel, Garbage Gobbler powered by river

BALTIMORE’S HARBOR IS cleaner than it has been in decades thanks to two anthropomorphic trash wheels pulling debris from its waters. Mr. Trash Wheel and Professor Trash Wheel, the latter of which was installed in December, are solar- and hydro-powered trash interceptors based in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, clearing debris before it enters the Chesapeake Bay. Over … Read more