10 Reasons Why You Should Go On A Retreat For Your Soul

This year I decided that instead of going to an all inclusive resort where I could bask in the sun and enjoy endless fruity cocktails, I wanted something more. I wanted a deeper spiritual experience. I knew a typical vacation wouldn’t satisfy this intense desire I had to nourish my soul, and let’s face it, an all inclusive trip is almost sure to be hard on the body, and I knew I had some healing to do.

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Time Magazine Review of Top Environmental Websites

Time MagazineTime Magazine has compiled a list of influential green websites and green start-up companies.

Food versus fuel. That debate has held back progress in biofuels, which offer the promise of a low-carbon substitute for petroleum, but whose development could also exacerbate deforestation and other environmental ills. But what if you could genetically engineer a better brand of biofuel — one that’s richer in energy and lower in carbon? That’s exactly what Jack Newman and his team at Amyris Biotechnologies are doing.

Grist is the Colbert Report of climate change, the Daily Showof deforestation, the Oprah of oil dependency — except with real reporting and analytical journalism.




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